We eat good roads and drink good healthcare during elections

The President of the Graduate Students Association of Ghana, GIJ Chapter Martin Thompson Ntem has urged the youth to be critical of elections as the electoral processes decide not only the leaders but the fortunes of the society.

Speaking at a leadership summit last Saturday with the students of the Presby Boys Senior High School, the President cautioned the youth against voting not on policies but on instant gains and gifts.

Martin Thompson Ntem Addressing Some SRC Aspirants of Presec Legon Senior High

“We have the best examples of bad leadership in our part of the world. We complain corrupt governance but we the electorates are the cause. Who has seen a legion of angels voting for a devil to lead them?” he asked.

According to the President, electorates sell their votes and in turn eat the development as food during elections.

“If you take a bag to rice to vote, you will eat it today and tomorrow your brother will learn under trees. The money for development will be given to us as shirts to wear during elections.” He added.

MTN advised the students to always look out for the quality of leadership and competence when voting in any election including student elections.

“Vote yourself good roads, a good school and better healthcare and not the party whom your parents have been with since.”

The GRASAG President who happened to be the former President of the Students Representative Council of the Ghana Institute of Journalism as well as the President of the Ghana Journalists Association, GIJ Chapter, shared with the students the relevance of student leadership and some challenges.

He also used the opportunity to congratulate and present some gifts to the school to be given to the contestants of the just-ended National Science and Maths Quiz.

The event, organized by the Elect Gentlemen Org. hosted other speakers such as the former SRC President of the University of Ghana, Daniel Otting Awuah and the SRC President of UNER, Murdock Yeboah.

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