Inexpensive but quality service has a new identity, Martin Ntem. As a young trained consultant, my joy is to make simple the hurdles of my clients and give them that inner satisfaction. Engage me for your next communication need.

Brands such as; Accra Technical University, the Ministry of Information, Child Online Africa, LetSheGo, DW Akademie, Knowledge Innovation, etc. have benefited from Martin’s combined ingenuity, experience, technology, products, and services in building trust and delivering sustained outcomes.


Marting loves to teach what he knows and loves to do. So far, he has trained over 400 students and professionals in Digital Marketing and Communication-related courses both online and in-person. As a certified Meta trainer he also trains groups and organizations in social media management for free.

Martin training some students on Branding and Digital Marketing


Need an SEO-friendly website? Times have changed and your brand also deserves to go global by being on the web. All it takes is a well-functioning website and Martin has got you sorted. From hosting, domain purchase, web designing, and content creation, Martin is your surest partner.


Wondered how a simple but robust system that is extremely cheap and easy to use can help you reach out to thousands of clients at a goal? In a time where mobile phones are the second most owned object, after toothbrushes, SMS marketing is the way to go. Research shows that over 90% of people who receive SMS read them and that is definitely a piece of good news for brands that want to reach tens of thousands directly with the least budget. NTEM SMS provides solid bulk SMS Solutions in a very simple and fast way. Click for more details.

Ntem SMS martin-ntem-bulk-sms


What do you need to be done? Get the best copywriting services you need to help you successfully meet your content writing project planning goals and deadline. From killer sales pages that explode profit, a script for commercials, and engaging product descriptions to the writing of print ads and web content.

With strong media background and links, we provide Newsletter Services and press distribution just the way it must be done for results.


A new-found treatment that can help you control how you spend on your next electoral campaign and know what to stand for begins from now. Every campaign should be based on credible formative research which should guide the conduct of the campaign. Campaigns these days are very scientific and must be based on research with a key focus on the audience or electorates. It is imperative for a candidate before running for office to engage an external Research Consultancy to do an audience analysis to find out key information such as perceptions, attitudes, and values that can shape the campaign. Something new is going on- discover a new way to understand and influence votes. Visit our website to read more on what will revolutionize candidate marketing in Ghana; Research.


Motivation is one of the most important and driving factors for us reaching our goals. No matter how you decide to act, there has to be some kind of motivation that gives you the impetus incentives to spur your action. Martin Ntem is available for any speaking engagement to share his experience and knowledge and as well learn. The next time you need a young and growing speaker at your Entrepreneurial, Career, and Leadership Seminar or gathering, you may as well invite him to share the little he knows about those topics.

Martin Ntem, Umaru Sanda, Zanetor Rawlings, and Manasseh Azure at a seminar as speakers