The future of the communication profession is uncertain and evolving -Mr. Martin Thompson Ntem


The Projects Manager of Cadi Media and Communication Consult, and an adjunct lecturer at The Ghana Institute of Journalism, GIJ, Mr. Martin Thompson Ntem, has called on communication students and practitioners to acquire skills in digital marketing and online media content creation since the future of the profession is uncertain of and evolving.

According to him, the basic roles of the communication practitioners keep changing such that the school-based curriculum does not address all, hence digital marketing is a truth no one can deny. He said this on Sunday, November 7, 2021, in an interview with our reporter Patrick Akpese at the end of a four-day intensive masterclass online training the Cardi Media and Communication consult in collaboration with the Ghana Institute of Journalism organized for some 400 participants on digital marketing and its related concepts.

The projects manager added that the organization considered it imperative to organize the training due to the recent change in consumer behaviour. He added that due to the pandemic, a lot more customers have moved online and Digital marketing skills are the right way to satisfy that demand. In his opinion, consumers are in charge of the transaction hence the need to adjust.

On the impact of the training, Mr. Ntem said, the organization has equipped participants with some employable skills such as digital markers, social media page management, and content creation.

Some participants also shared their experiences of the training. They expressed delight and optimism on the skills they have acquired; adding that it will help place their careers in advantageous positions in the fast-growing competitive market. They, however, praised the organizers; Cardi Media and Communication Consult, and the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

“…as an aspiring journalist, it will help my career, in the sense that we were talked about blogs, websites, how to manage social media pages…”

Gifty Adunya, a participant

“… at the end of the four days intensive masterclass, I must say I have learnt a lot in terms of digital marketing and other concepts…”

Angela, a paticipant

“…in fact, it is good, and it can only get better as the years go by. I wish Cardi Communication Consult well..”

Kwame Aboagye, a participant

Attending the training were persons from the corporate business world, communication practitioners, and students from Ghana and beyond.

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