Looking for a man who has steadily risen to be a great leader, then that man is Martin Thompson Ntem.

Martin has grown to be a young man with a promising future from a humble beginning.

After completing Kpando Senior High School Martin started his entrepreneurship career as a publisher. He published Smart Eye Magazine, an educational, informational, and entertaining magazine for basic school pupils. He has then sold over 20, 000 copies to various basic schools in the Volta, Oti, Greater Accra, and Eastern Regions. This venture has provided direct and indirect jobs to many and has contributed to the education of many children through various social responsibilities.

In 2014, he enrolled at the Ghana Institute of Journalism for his first Degree in Communication Studies. There he became the student chapter President of the Ghana Journalists Association, (GJA-GIJ).   He rose to become President of the Students Representative Council.  Martin served as a member of the University Governing Council, Development Committee, and Library Committee now an Executive of the GIJ Alumni Association.

In 2018, he gained admission to pursue his Second Degree, a Master of Art in Media Management.  He was again voted as the President of The Graduate Students Association of Ghana, the GIJ Chapter. He became a Teaching Assistant and later a Graduate Assistant at the same university.

Currently, Martin is an Adjunct Lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Journalism under the Faculty of Journalism and Media Studies, a Meta certified Digital Marketer and a businessman.

Martin Ntem is also the Director of Training and Innovation at the Institute of Digital Marketing and Communication, Ghana, IDMC Ghana.

Martin holds a Master of Philosophy in Communication and Media Studies from the University of Education Wenneba.

He is also a Doctoral student in Communication Science at the University of South Africa.

Asking Martin what he lives by he said “Whenever I get the chance to lead or serve I do it as my last. To me, my greatest reward is the fact that those I have served or led will always want me on any day”